Most insurance companies require pre-certification for outpatient tests, and for some of the diagnostic tests we offer here.   Our staff may have to get the pre-certification before they can schedule or perform the tests. Depending on the type of test ordered and the pre-certification needed for the test, please allow between 3 to 5 days for tests to be scheduled. Every attempt will be made to schedule tests and visits for you before you leave the office. If this is not possible our staff will notify you by secure web messaging when your tests are scheduled.  Each insurer has different procedures to follow and how quickly and to whom we can refer you will depend on your situation.


We recommend lab tests and medical procedures based on our assessment of your medical needs. We always document these assessments and provide all insurers with this documentation. Unfortunately, not all insurance plans cover all lab tests and procedures. If your insurance plan does not cover a provided test or procedure, you will be responsible for its full cost. We may not always know what your insurer will or will not cover, so you should ask your insurance provider for a list of covered services. You have the right to know, and we will provide on request, the cost of any lab test or procedure we provide.  Test results must be received, reviewed and documented before results can be discussed with a patient and this process differs for each test.  Discuss how the results will be handled with your doctor when the test is ordered.