Our Services

Our goal at Montgomery Family Medicine is to provide the majority of your health care needs under one roof.  We offer complete physicals as well as skin assessments and surgeries.  Laboratory blood work is drawn and run in our own licensed laboratory, and our x-rays and bone density studies are shot and read here so that your physician has a chance to review them before you leave.  We perform EKG’s, breathing tests & treatments, 24-hour cardiac monitoring, ultrasounds, diabetic eye checks and echocardiograms here in the office.  We also offer in-office nuclear stress testing and nerve conduction studies supported by allied health care professionals right here on certain days.  While all these ancillary services are offered here for your convenience, they can be performed at other facilities (depending on your insurance) and you have the right to ask about alternate facilities if you wish.   Special physician training also allows us to address many occupational needs, such as FAA and DOT medical exams.