New Patients

Montgomery Family Medicine is currently accepting limited new patients (our physicians may close or re-open their access from time to time) and there may be a waiting period for your first appointment depending on the physician's schedule. 

Our phone number is (334) 396-9100.   In order to establish as a new patient, we do require you to call us please.  All calls for new patient requests are routed to our Check In Clerk.  Depending on patient load, physician approval is required for acceptance as a new patient, and each physician’s patient load is unique.    Our staff will ask about past medical history, current medications, and health issues in order for the physician to determine the best appointment time.

We accept most, but not all insurance plans. We are currently not accepting new patients with Tricare, Medicaid, Merit or United Healthcare.  We do not accept any new Medicare patients, including the new private Medicare plans.  We do not accept private pay patients.   We do accept most other insurances, including Blue Cross.   Check with your insurer to see if we are an authorized provider for your plan.  Please note though, while an insurer may list us as an authorized provider, we may not be accepting that insurance. 


Both area hospitals provide a service to help you find a physician.  If we are unable to treat you, please call them for a list of other physicians.  The Baptist Health Physician Finder number is  273-4444 and for Jackson Hospital you may call 293-8888.


New patients must make an advanced appointment and confirm their coverage before being seen.   We will ask you to establish an account in our Patient Portal so that we may confirm insurance coverage and create a record for you.   Providing medical care requires a certain amount of paperwork, fortunately, we can do much of that online.  When you log onto the Patient Portal you will have the ability to complete our three Patient Agreement forms.  Prior health care issues and family health history can also be reported on line and securely submitted to your new chart.  Some of this information is required by law; all is needed in order to ensure you the best health care possible.  We do require all new patients to use online means for form completion and receiving results.  While we realize the initial set up will require time, it will improve the delivery of health care data over the long run.


All new patients, who are well, are scheduled for a comprehensive exam upon their first visit. Comprehensive exam appointments usually require 1 ˝ to 2 hours. If you are a new patient, please be sure to bring all medical information from your previous physician with you to your appointment.  Should you fail to keep your first appointment without rescheduling in advance - we may decline to accept you as a patient.  Sometimes, your first visit with us will be to treat an existing illness. In those cases, we require that you schedule a comprehensive exam as soon as we have completed treatment for your illness, so that we may establish your normal physical condition. Follow-up appointments usually require 30 minutes to l hour.


Please be sure to bring your insurance card and your driver's license with you to your appointment, we will scan a copy into your record.