Medical Records

Montgomery Family Medicine uses an electronic medical records system.  Since the fall of 2011 patient visits have been recorded and stored electronically.  Records prior to Fall 2011 are still paper-based and we maintain these records for seven years before using an approved method of disposing of them.  In some cases, these paper charts may still be needed to answer questions or confirm information. 


The charts and the information (whether electronic or on paper) belong to the practice, but you are entitled to request copies at anytime.  There is a fee for copying the charts and it may take a week to ten days.  The copying fee is $5.00 plus $1.00 per sheet for the first 25 sheets, and $.50 for every sheet over 25.  We are not staffed for on-demand copying and use a weekly service.  Any electronic notes can be printed off or provided on CD.  Or, information can be downloaded onto your Patient Portal.  Federal law requires a signed release before we can begin the process.  

Records Release Form Download