Please find below a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have a question not listed below please call us..

What if I become seriously ill or have an injury?

If you should have an emergency, please try to call your doctor before going to the emergency room. We will try to schedule you an immediate visit if possible, if not we will call ahead to the ER. Many insurance plans require an authorization for an ER visit, we can help you with this. We use the Hospitalist at each local hospital for hospitalization and emergency care.


Can I get help over the phone?

Yes, our staff includes medical assistants who handle medical questions and make appointments. Our phone hours are 7:45 AM until 4:00 PM. These Phone Nurses have their own page on our website, for more information, go to Our Phone Nurses.


Can I reach my doctor after hours or on the weekend?

We offer our patients 24-hour a day coverage every day for emergencies. A physician is always on call and can be reached by our after hours number, (877) 313-4860. Our doctors will do what they can to help you, but we will not refill prescriptions after hours.


What insurances do you accept?

We accept many major insurance plans and all new patients' coverage is confirmed by our staff.  We suggest a call to our Insurance & Billing folks if you ever want to look at different insurance.  We are not accepting any new Medicare patients, nor do we accept new patients with Medicaid, Merit, Tricare or United Healthcare.  Effective November 1, 2016, we will no longer be able to continue treating current patients with UHC.  As patients move into Medicare coverage, please call our office to discuss which Medicare plans we accept. 


What about confidentiality, how private are my records?

Patient confidentiality is a major concern in healthcare and a very serious matter to us. Our legal and ethical obligation is to you, the patient. For that reason, we will require patients to complete an authorization letting us know who we may release medical information or discuss your health with. Remember, we can not talk to you about your teenage child unless that child authorizes it in writing. We also require you to sign a consent that lays out our privacy policy. Our privacy policy is posted in our lobby and found on this website. We will share medically necessary information with specialists you are seeing and must report information to your insurer when we file your claim. We can assure you however, that patient information, both medical and financial is only discussed when required and only with those required to know in order to provide healthcare to you.


How do I pay for my visit?

As a courtesy to our patients, we will file your primary insurance. However, co-payments and deductibles are a contractual obligation between you and your insurer and are due at the time of your office visit. You will be charged a collection fee if you do not pay your co-payment the day of your visit. If you are on an HMO or PPO, please check with your plan to ensure we are an authorized provider, if not, check to see what your Out-Of Network benefits are. If your visit is not covered by your insurance, you will be responsible for your entire bill. Although we do our best to keep up with the many plans available, you are ultimately responsible for determining whether or not we are a covered provider. Bring your insurance card with you and we will make a copy for our records. This is necessary in order for us to file on your behalf. We do insist all new patients have some form of acceptable insurance and do not accept private pay patients.


What if I need copies of my records or a form completed for school or work?

Our Medical Records department can help you complete school or work forms and get the necessary documentation from the doctors. If you need forms completed, come into our office and discuss what you need with our staff, and please leave us plenty of time to finish the task. There is a $10.00 fee per signed form and we require all patient furnished information is completed before we can start. Medical records are copied once weekly by an outside service who will bill the recipient of any copied records for the service. We are not set up to do on demand copying or paperwork; allow a week to complete even single page forms or records requests. For more information, click here for Medical Records.


How long before I can get in to see my doctor?

Depending on your doctor’s schedule, many visits can be made the same or next day, although we recommend allowing a couple days so as to get the most convenient time. New patients are usually seen for their first physical within one or two weeks. If you are sick we will get you in as soon as possible.